Eliot Prufrock (srin) wrote in mad_poetics,
Eliot Prufrock


So I'm too lazy lazy to do recs in any systematic fashion, but this was just so awesome that I have to come tell people about it.

I asked the kink meme for "Gwen/Lancelot, contrary to expectations (his, at least), she sweeps in heroically to rescue him from some sort of trouble. Bonus points if it's a swashbuckling-type rescue where she gets to show off her sword skills."

And an utterly, utterly delightful anon wrote Test of Patience. It's PG, Gwen-centric, set slightly in the future, hilarious and sweet and clever, with probably the most awesome Gwen I have ever read. So go! Read!

eta: It's by miakun, and now all in one post here. :D
Tags: merlin, rec
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